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Frequently asked questions


WELCOME:  The Paso Robles Pickleball Club is pleased you are interested in the sport of Pickleball and joining in the fun we enjoy every day. If you have questions, here are the answers.

I am new to Pickleball. How can I get started?

Put on good tennis shoes (they have herringbone pattern tread instead of horizontal tread for running).

Take a free introductory lesson on Tuesdays.  MORE INFORMATION --> CLICK HERE

Search for and watch Pickleball video lessons on 

When can I play with club members?


Club play is Monday-Saturday from roughly 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The advantages of "club play" are that there are people to play with, a rotation system to get onto a court to play, and free balls. The cost is $3 per day paid at Gate 2 where you register or $60 per six months paid online through Paso Robles Recreation. Dept.

Can I play without a membership in the club?

The courts are available to the public for free play outside club hours. Call the Parks and Recreation Office (805-237-3988) for the gate combination. The phone number is also on the court fence. Please lock the gates when you leave.​  After an hour on the court, rotate off the court if others are waiting. 

Are the courts ever closed?

Courts are periodically closed for cleaning or for special events. Check the club calendar for those times and days.

I have a foursome that want to play together. Is that possible?

​Yes, there are two ways but neither allows reservations:  

(1) Play during club hours ($3 per person) and arrange your paddles in the paddle rack so all four player get a court together.


(2) Play after club hours (after 11:30 AM). When a court is empty (first come, first serve), your foursome may all play together. Common curtesy suggests that after an hour, please rotate off the court if others are waiting. Then resume when another court is available.

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